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EverCrack Attic

EverQuest is a massivly multiplayer online RPG (Role Playing Game), sometimes called "EverCrack" due to it's addictive properties. Characters are made on servers/worlds and are, for all intents and purposes, limited to the server they are made on.

I personally have been playing since Jan. 2001. Although, I have been know to take a hiatus from it because it does have a tendency to get old. I have a few characters to play with.

-Kryogen, 65th Human Wizard. My 1st character on EQ.

-Salimadar, an Iksar (Lizard) Warrior who has reached his mid 40's in level. He has taken up the blacksmithing skill because of the cultural importance for a Warrior of this race to create his own Iskar armor.

-Yogort, a Gnomish cleric.

-Zildian, a Half Elven Bard. He rocks and I really enjoy playing this character.

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