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March, 12th 2007: I've made a music space page. (or whatever the fuk I'm spos'd to call it) Please, swing by, listen and comment! I posted 2 personal songs that I wrote while at USF. No lyrics mind you, but why would I let lyrics mess up my music? Haha! Oh yea here is a link to that page [{(o)}]. Anyway, work at Le Belle Donne is explodin'. I'm up to @35hrs. a wk! Damn, that's cutting into my personal time like a cute girlfriend! (/hint) The owner, Anne, has mentioned something about taking this crew to St. Lucia for vacation! Um... This is where she says. Now, whether or not I end up actually going there, is another thing entirely.
February, 23rd 2007: Well shite the Bed! I attended the Rainbow Family gathering in Ocala National Forest!! That was a blast! I only stayed for 2 nights but the extremely cold weather made it difficult to bear. A completely mystical and fantastic being took me there and she will be a part of me forever. And just like that, she is gone. Story of my life eh.. I'm sure I'll be posting more music and such now that I don't have such a distraction. I haven't had many scars on this heart of mine so I guess I deserve it. Everyone has to be hurt in order to know what is good for them.
January, 2007: Happy New Year! I've trimmed up the MP3's I posted before and opened up enough space to add 2 more songs! Yay! I uploaded Anti-War Whore and an older song, Do My Wrong, go check them out HERE!. Do My Wrong is much more relaxed and many friends have said it is radio material. James was doing vocals on this song that was originally written by Tom for his Mother.
December, 2006: Merry Christmas Friends! Looking back on 2006 I'd say I did ok. Not really much got accomplished but I know I didn't piss off too many people and that's gotta be worth something somewhere! I'd kill for a decent pic of me to put online these days.. Speaking of updates, I'm going to have to remove some pics I have or at least dumb down the grafix of the site to make room for more music storage. I've uploaded 2 of my more favorite songs that were recorded with Sofa King, plus I ran out of room so I had to choose wisely.

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July, 2006:I've been working with my good drumming friend, Tom Kelly to record alot of tunes that are not really written for mass appeal, but then again the desires of the masses have become quite odd. We've nearly completed what I'd like to call our Demo CD. Though, with all fairness, Leggacy Productions is not just a recording studio and Wayne Legg has been very instrumental(no pun intended) with assisting us come up with a sound that we wanted, and that Tom and I think most heavy rock/metal fan can at least appreciate in some way. Considering that only two people have composed these works, it's quite an accomplishment for us. Tom is a fulltime father/husband/provider, and well.. you know me. Just look at the updates here and you can tell I'm not the most focused individual here.

Our band, Sofa King, will probabaly be seen a bit more now as we start to market ourselves. Primarily, we'll set up a band profile on & I'm doubtful that many industry leaders or even followers for that matter are looking for a heavy metal/industrial duo but if Trent Reznor and Rob Zombie can do it solo, then I don't see why we can't also provide a similar attraction in that genre.

October 23rd, 2005:I'm gunna write something soon!
Dec. 2004: Hello Friends! I've updated the site with some pictures! I have added a new page to the People link under the Images section. Click Here to just go look now =). I've also added 2 more pics to page 2 of the Animals I Know. 1st was a pic of my friends Mike and Sandy's pet cats, and the 2nd is of their rescued turtle. In addition, the EQ Attic (gaming area) has been updated with more screenshots of my adventures in Everquest.
July 2004:Welcome! I thank you for coming over and checking out what is new. For a little background info, I have been Edit - lazy, so this place may have seemed a little inactive. I'm working heavily on the gaming pages and I hope to have some of it up here in the REALLY near future. In addition, RipTide, the band I'm in, recorded a demo CD the weekend of Saturday June 29th, 2002. I'll probably be able to post some samples if not entire MP3's here. I will make a new section to deal with band activities. I hope you enjoy your visit, and again I hope to have more content for you shortly!

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