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Storm Clouds

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This photo's main focus is the small Moon that is visible through the clouds. After looking at it for a while you begin to notice the sky's changing colors as your eye reaches the horizon. The ice crystals in the clouds at the horizon are beginning to change colors as the Sun sets, giving hints that tonights sunset will be colorful! I like to take pictures that show more that just that specific moment in time.
Moon over Fla.
Moon over Florida
Rain #1 In this shot, I was trying to capture the immense size of this rain cloud. I could not get the top of it in the picture, as you can see. I like this one because you can see the rain falling from the cloud. Notice how I have centered this wet phenomenon in the picture, thus showing the shot's main focus. While I was taking pictures, I could see "clumps" of rain falling from the clouds ahead of the main storm.
Rain #1
Rain #2
This is the same cloud as "Rain #1" but shot horizontally. Even though it is the same cloud, since you can see more sky the thought here is that you can see this massive storm taking over the peaceful surroundings. I think this exposure has better coloring that the 1st shot, too.
Rain #2
This is just an example of my rainbow pictures. And not a very good example at that. These pics are all from my digital camera and I have better ones that I have taken with a regular camera. You can see the colors ok. Not one of my better pictures. (Thanks for agreeing :)
Rainbow #1
As one of my most colorful pics, I love this picture. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time! After examining this shot, I really wished I had gotten more of the reflection off the lake and less empty sky. Regardless, this photo is very peaceful even though it is a storm cloud. Again, the beautiful colors are a result of the excellent sunsets here in Fla. These storms were probably wreaking havoc on Orlando.
Santa Fe
Colors of
Santa Fe
Lost Photo! I'm looking for it!
Storm #1
Storm #2 Another crazy storm cloud. The intense contrast between the white clouds in the foreground and the dark clouds behind the storm front shows just how quickly and violently these storms overtake the natives.
Storm #2
A certain amount of fear becomes present when you look outside to see this! This storm is fast moving and carries quite an electrical charge. Shortly after I took this photo, I think I unplugged my computer! Storm #3
Storm #3
This is creepy! Have you ever seen "The Neverending Story"? Well, The Nothng was based upon this photograph. Well, not really but I thought I saw a fluffy white dragon-dog flying around that day. Seriously though, I can't figure out what time of day this is and how the heck this cloud formed. Strange nonetheless. Atrayu!!!
The Nothing
Award winning?! Upon the suggestion from a friend, I submitted this photo to and it ended up being picked to be published in their nationaly released hardcover book! So far, I am still in the running for $10,000, too! (Thanks Maia!)